Art I

Introduction to

1.  Drawing

a.       Pencil

b.      Pastels

c.       Colored Pencils

d.      Charcoal

e.       Pen & Ink

    The different drawing media will be used to do still-life, figure, landscape,abstract, and non-objective.

 2.   Painting

a.       Oil painting

b.      Watercolor

c.       Frame oil painting and mat watercolors and drawings

3. Clay

a.       Pinch Pot

b.      Coil

c.      Slab

d.      Wheel

e.      Sculpture

f.        Glaze preparation & application

 4. Printmaking

a.       Linoleum print

 5.  Batik (wax resist dye process)

 6. Hand-Cast paper

    Grade 9-12

    Credit 1/2-1


Grade 9-12
Credit 1/2-1 Art II, III, IV Advanced students do the same projects on a more advanced level.
Grade 9-12
Credit 1/2-