Agri-Science is an introductory course covering the basic knowledge the students will need as they progress into the other Agriculture Education courses at FHS.  Topics covered are inter-related with the FFA and it’s Career Development Events.  Topics include:  FFA History, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, Public Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, Livestock in the U.S., Meats Evaluation, Plant Science topics, Poultry Evaluation methods, Livestock Selection methods, General shop safety and tool ID and an introduction to Arc Welding.

Agricultural Mechanics

Two subjects are covered in the Agricultural Mechanics course.  The first semester is spent on electrical wiring theory and hands-on practical activities.  The students will complete a variety of wiring practices from lights, receptacles, switches and common residential circuits according to the National Electric Code.  The second semester covers the theory and operation of small gasoline engines.  The students begin with the theory of operation before troubleshooting small engines for operation failures.  The students will also completely disassemble an engine performing analysis measurements before reassembling the engine.


Students in the woodworking class study general woodshop safety and units dealing with practices utilized in wood project construction.  The students will also choose and build a wood project(s) of their choosing.


Horticulture is a class covering the basics of plant sciences as it relates to the production of annual bedding plants in the schools greenhouse.  The students utilize the greenhouse environment to plant, transplant and care for over 30 different varieties of flowers and vegetables to be sold in the spring.  The students will also learn basic marketing strategies for the greenhouse production.  The students also discuss the principles of landscape design, plant selection and installation.

Welding I

Welding I covers shop safety, the principles of stick, wire, gas and TIG welding, methods of welding various steels, torch and plasma cutting and small metal project construction after completing a variety of skill welds and cuts. 

Welding II

After completion of the annual safety exam, the students will spend their time repairing or building projects of their choosing utilizing the skills learned in Welding I.  The students utilize all of the equipment in the school shop to complete their projects.
Animal Science
The Animal Science course is an approved science credit for graduation credits from USD 380.  The course covers the agriculture livestock industry and the many practices utilized in the industry.  Topics covered include reproduction, nutrition, digestion, management and selection for beef, swine, sheep, poultry, dairy and horse.  Advanced studies in poultry, meats, livestock and dairy evaluation are also covered.  The students will participate in FFA Career Development Events relating to the various topics covered.